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IF And Only Interactive Fiction

The myriad thoughts slouching through my mind like college students shuffling around inside a dorm lounge will, like those students, occasionally take off, late for something, suddenly inspired, etc. My obsession is temporary but occasionally fruitful.

I sense one coming on for the IF project that's been in the corner, pretending to itself that it's studying but actually staring off into space, waiting for some right moment for action. I get the feeling it's about to get a jolt.

I miss writing pretty badly these days. It was good to focus on something and push for a goal, instead of wandering around trying to decide things. Decisions irritate me, unfortunately, so I need to quantify and delineate properly which ones I make and when, or I get sick of them and start making them randomly. That's bad.

I'm going to take a little time off my hyper-webbiness...check my regular haunts twice a day and no more, say...and work on this framework I need. I doubt seriously that a lot of original code will need writing -- more like a lot of design will need to be done first, and then a bit of code, and then the sit-down-and-sweat-blood writing starts.

I am so ready for some of that.

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